A1 BaseKIT Timber Frame Shed Base


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A1 BaseKIT Timber Frame Base System

The A1 BaseKITTimber Frame Base is a rectangular pressure-treated timber pin-base frame system which is low cost, simple, fast and effective. The A1 BaseKit is only available as an optional extra for TGB and A1 Sheds, and cannot be delivered separately, however if you purchase the A1BaseKit, and if you choose us to assemble your shed, then we’ll assemble and install the A1 BaseKit for you FREE OF CHARGE. There is NO GROUND PREPARATION REQUIRED* and we are able to fit it onto any firm surface… inc. grass, soil, gravel, uneven slabs, concrete etc. The ground below doesn’t need to be level either, so you can fit the A1 BaseKIT onto gently sloping ground (max. 9″), uneven ground, and mixed surfaces if required, all you need is an area clear of any movable obstacles or shrubs. The quantity of pegs, and their positions will vary depending on the size of building, and type of ground.


  • FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION (only available when purchased along with a TGB or A1 building)
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY SURFACE* (max. slope 15cm)
  • Extra airspace keeps underside of shed dry (increasing longevity)
  • Can be used on grass, concrete, soil, or mixed surfaces (soft surfaces must be be firm enough to support ground pegs)
  • Suits most square or rectangular TGB Garden Buildings and A1 Sheds
  • Available in any size (up to a maximum of 12’x8′)
  • Much less expensive than paving slabs or concrete
  • Perfect for use with the QuickJack adjustable base system

A1 BaseKIT Animation

Click below for an animated view of the A1 BaseKit.


Our assembly service is only available for slopes with a maximum drop of 15cm across the floor area of your building. We may be able to accommodate larger slopes, however there will be an additional charge (the amount will vary depending on the individual circumstances), and we must be advised prior to arrival in order to bring the appropriate materials otherwise the building and base will be left for self assembly. Alternatively a return visit can be arranged, however there would be a significant handling and return charge. *Ground must be firm enough to take the weight of your building. We are unable to provide a solid fixing into freshly disturbed, or boggy ground, as this can’t support the posts or the frame. Before ordering, please let us know if your ground is like this, and we’ll let you know what can be done.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the homeowners responsibility to check that there are no under-ground services i.e. electric, water, sewage pipes etc. before post or pegs are hammered into the ground, as we will not be liable for any damage caused.






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