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EcoBase Fastfit comes with a permeable weed resistant membrane, cut to the size of the building’s foundation to suppress the growth of weeds.




*Currently the Swift EcoBase™ delivery lead time is about 5 working days for most parts of Britain, however some remote areas may take a bit longer. This is a bit longer than we’d like, however we guarantee to get your base to you as soon as possible! Please see more delivery information here.


EcoBase FASTFIT Shed Base Foundation

ECOBASE FASTFIT shed base foundation system is fast, easy-to-fit, lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete bases for sheds, cabins and greenhouses, and is one of the strongest shed base grid systems available. As the UKs original plastic grid foundation system for garden buildings, EcoBase has evolved with the introduction of the FastFit system. Not only does it provide you with a firm, strong, long-lasting and well-drained foundation for garden buildings, capable of supporting 60 tonnes per grid when empty, it is now even quicker to install through the use of self-fastening push connectors to link grids together. EcoBase have a 10-year guarantee and these reusable grid tiles are lightweight and easy to handle, costing a fraction of the price of a traditional concrete base.

To create your shed base, simply join as many Ecobase FastFit grid tiles together as required. They are easily connected and come complete free weed suppressant ground membrane. The EcoBase FastFit tile is available in 1 size – approx. 500x500mm but can be joined together to make a foundation of any size, and can be easily cut to any shape using a normal hand saw. We recommend that Ecobases are fitted as a full base (we call this set-up Option-1), however you can remove some tiles for a cost saving if preferred (Option-2). For more information on designing your base, please click on the link to the right to download the EcoBase PDF guide.

Prices above are based upon quantity rates as follows:

  • 6-11 Grids £7.19 each
  • 12-19 Grids £6.19 each
  • 20-24 Grids £5.79 each
  • 25-99 Grids £5.59 each
  • 100-119 Grids £5.49 each
  • 120+ Grids £5.29 each



  • Brand leader – EcoBase is the UK’s best selling shed base solution
  • Lowest prices in UK – even lower than buying direct from the manufacturer
  • FREE Delivery** fast delivery
  • FREE weed-suppressant water-permeable membrane
  • Quick and easy to lay with self-fastening fast fit connectors (no pins required)
  • Eco-friendly – made in the UK from 100% UK recycled plastic
  • Strong (300 tonnes per m2*), long lasting base for your building
  • Suitable for most garden sheds, summer houses, play houses, bike stores etc.
  • Adaptable – ideal for use as drainage or as a walkway in your greenhouse
  • Cost effective – supply and installation costs lower than wet-mix poured concrete
  • Time-saving – less preparation time, no concrete curing time
  • Lightweight for easy carrying and positioning
  • No specialist tools needed
  • Drainage – perimeter can be filled with pea-gravel to produce a French drain and prevent splash back onto the building
  • Long lasting, rot proof, chemically inert and re-usable


Simple Assembly

The EcoBase FastFit is very easy to assemble. Simply prepare a level area (the EcoBase can be laid directly onto grass, soil, builders sand or pea gravel), then lay out your EcoBase tile on top of the membrane, cut to size if necessary, then click each FastFit grid together… simple!



No Maintenance

Each EcoBase FastFit grid is made from 100% recycled plastic, and requires NO MAINTENANCE or preservative. These tiles are are designed to last, and are guaranteed to last at least 10-years!


Strong Quality Construction

Each EcoBase FastFit grid is very, very strong, in fact it is TWICE AS STRONG as some of it’s competitors and therefore needs no filling out with gravel or soil. They are made from UV stabilized, 100% recycled plastic and are manufactured right here in the UK. Each new profile grid measures approximately 500mm x 500mm x 40mm weighing just 1.4kg each, however thanks to it’s patented design it has a huge crushability rating which can withstand 300 tonnes per sq. metre*. Check out our video below showing just how strong and environmentally friendly each EcoBase tile is.



Various Layout Options

We recommend that the Ecobase FastFit grids are joined together to make a complete base. This is the strongest and easiest way to create your foundation, and we call it Option-1. If you are trying to keep costs down as low as possible, then you can leave some spaces underneath your floor. It’s not quite as strong, and it takes more planning as you have to ensure that your bearers are still being supported, however it can save you a fair amount of money, especially if it’s a large base. We call this set-up Option-2. You can download our base design ideas here


Easy DIY Assembly

The Swift EcoBase FastFit has been designed to allow even a novice DIY user to create a high quality, strong, long-lasting shed base without the need for a expensive professional service.


Optional Extras

No optional extras are available for the EcoBase FastFit, however it does come with a water-permeable, weed suppressant ground membrane which will be cut to match the size of your building (please state size when ordering). EcoBase FastFit tiles are very strong, and don’t need to be filled with gravel, which will make a substantial saving to the cost of your shed base. However, you may want to fill any visible external areas with pea shingle to make it look nice, and reduce the amount of water splashback from the roof. Normally it takes about 10kg of pea gravel to fill a tile, and you should be able to purchase this from your local building supply company.



Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes.

Swift Model Material Effective Size (mm) Weight Capacity Crushability
EcoBase Ref. No. Grid Recyclable Colour Width
(per grid)
(pea shingle)
(per m2)
FastFit 40 EK451-* Plastic 100% Black 500 500 40 1.4kg 10kg >300 tonnes

*Crushabilty rating is measured when grids are filled with pea shingle.



**FREE delivery to most of mainland England, Wales, and Southern Scotland, however delivery to outlying areas may be subject to an additional charge (see map below). Delivery lead time shown is typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed, therefore please check before ordering if delivery time is critical.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you order the correct quantity for your requirements, as we are unable to accept the return of any surplus-to-requirement grids. If required, we can arrange for the return of your full order (within 14 days), however as the EcoBase and the bespoke cut-to-size membrane is delivered direct from the manufacturer, you should be aware that there would be a collection/delivery/re-stocking charge which will be deducted from your refund. Small top-up quantities will be subject to a delivery surcharge.


Prices include delivery to most of mainland England, Wales, and Southern Scotland, however delivery to outlying areas may be subject to an additional charge (see map below). Orders received before 11am will be processed for delivery on an overnight courier service, however next-day delivery cannot be guaranteed during peak season. Delivery lead time shown is typical for most areas, however this is approximate and cannot be guaranteed, therefore please check before ordering if delivery time is critical.

6 reviews for EcoBase FASTFIT Shed Base

  1. Lauren Wright

    Perhaps we were just unlucky but we really didn’t get on with this product. There were no instructions other than one picture diagram on the box, and we ended up putting one row together wrong before we noticed it. We assumed it would be easy enough to take them apart and do it again, but the connectors broke with the slightest bit of pressure. When moving the base into position, the whole thing snapped in half and we had to put loads of them back together with cable ties. It was admittedly still a quicker job than slabs or concrete, but for what I paid I expected better. It’s also a pain that you can’t buy individual grids to replace the ones that break.

  2. Clive Paterson

    Good product. I would buy it again.

  3. Dan S.

    No problems

  4. Jim Taylor

    5-stars. Does as expected

  5. Scott Wilson

    I found ecobases easy to use and they seem to do the job as well as I expected

  6. Alison Neill

    The Eco Bases were light to handle and easy for me to fit

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