Thorndown Glass Paint – Peelable Greenhouse Shading


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THORNDOWN™ Peelable Glass Paint, perfect for greenhouses, conservatories, summerhouses and sheds. Available in 37 colours.


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THORNDOWN™ Glass Paint – Peelable Greenhouse Shading

Thorndown Peelable Greenhouse Glass Shading is an extremely high quality, long-lasting, glass paint made from re-cycled plastic! Just apply straight onto the outside of your greenhouse or conservatory, and it will shade the glass for as long as you want. Great for privacy on public-facing windows. Effective instant deterrent against bird strikes. This greenhouse paint can last for many years if required, or when you are ready to remove it, then it will peel off simply, and quickly in one piece! This award-winning peelable glass paint can be applied with brush, roller or sprayer, and when dry, is 100% bee, plant, pet & child friendly! The most popular option for greenhouse shading is Swan White, however why not mix it up a bit, and create a fantastic multi-coloured greenhouse.


  • Superb easy-to-remove greenhouse shading
  • 2x Sizes – 150ml & 750ml
  • Made with 100% recycled plastic resins
  • 24x opaque colours & 13x translucent colours*
  • Peels off in one piece
  • Perfect for stained-glass projects
  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Made in the UK
  • Eco based – water-based eco product with minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) at only 0.05%


The Thorndown Peelable glass paint range features 24x opaque colours + 13x translucent colours* (see image below).



Application Guide

What you’ll need: Brush, roller (use a foam roller sleeve) or sprayer; whichever colours you want (or want to mix and match); imagination.

Preparation: Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry. Maybe wash with warm, slightly soapy water to ensure the best finish. Wear appropriate clothing when handling paint as it will stain clothes. You don’t need to clean greenhouse glass thoroughly if you intend to peel off the paint in a few weeks or months.

Application: First thing to do is thoroughly mix your paint prior to painting. Paint will settle out to differing degrees with ingredients such as the resin and heavy colour pigments dropping to the bottom with lighter materials such as water and lighter colour pigments at the top. Unless you mix the paint back in properly you won’t get the right colour and the paint will appear watery. Avoid the rain if painting outdoors, then apply to your own brief and leave to dry. When painting externally be sure to check that rain is not forecast for a sustained period of time to allow the coating to fully dry and bond to the glass, otherwise rain can get under the coating causing slippage. When coating large areas, paint up to still-wet paint, as applying over dry paint can make things look uneven. For best results when shading use a roller with foam sleeve. Roller on in a straight line and apply the next line up to the edge of the previous – imagine you’re mowing neat lines into a lawn!

Coats: One coat will do the trick, no problem, but additional coats can enhance colour and increase shade and opacity. Make sure your coat isn’t too thin or it will make it difficult to peel off. Further coats will increase the solidity of the coating. When applying a second coat leave the first coat to cure properly before applying a second. The first coat may be touch dry but will still be curing/bonding so 2-4 hours in hot dry conditions for small arts & crafts projects will be enough.

Drying: A single coat is touch-dry in an hour or two. If you want to apply a second coat to increase the solidity of the coating, wait for the first one to dry fully as detailed above. Allow plenty of time in dry, fine weather for the paint to dry and bond properly to the glass. Painting externally in high humidity and incoming rain can lead to the coating slipping.

Cleaning Up: Use hot or cold water, with or without detergent, on paint-wet equipment.
Be very careful not to allow sprayer nozzles to dry out – this will make cleaning them almost impossible!

Disposal: Please, please don’t throw away unused or dried paint into drains or watercourses. Most local authorities have free facilities for disposing of paint and coatings. When you’ve peeled off the coating you can send it back to the factory in Glastonbury where we are working with local partners to be able to recycle/re-purpose.

Coverage: You’ll paint up to 12 square meters of glass (one coat) with one litre.

  • 150 ml up to 1.8m²
  • 750 ml up to 9.0m²

Removal: When it’s time to remove the Peelable Glass Paint coating, just pick at a corner to bring up a piece of the coating, hold between your fingers and peel. The whole coating should come off in one sheet.

If the coating is thin and/or dried out during hot weather, dampen thoroughly with water to restore the elasticity of the coating, leave for about 10-15 minutes then peel off. Drying out can happen if left on for a long time over a long season and polycarbonate and acetate/plastic materials can be more prone than glass.

Alternatively if you have any leftover Peelable Glass Paint, apply another coating on top, leave to dry for 24-48 hours so it bonds to the old coating, then peel all coatings off in one go.

Marking: On some cheap plastics and Perspex, a ghost shadow/etching effect can be left on the surface once the Peelable Glass Paint is removed, so do test a small area first if in doubt. The shadow it leaves can be a decorative feature on its own, looking a bit like glass etching!

Tips: Some coated external glass can repel the Glass Paint coating. Check a small area first to make sure it’s sticking/bonding well. If it’s being repelled it will disappear into itself. Clean again thoroughly with plenty of water and dry to remove the material that is causing paint to repel. Building the coating up in layers can also get around this problem, or adding glitter to the paint can help with surface tension and aid paint bonding to the glass – particularly helpful at Christmas time! If the coating is thin and/or has dried out after being left on for a long time, apply plenty of water to the coating to restore its flexibility enabling you to peel it off.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is colour. We all see and interpret colour slightly differently to each other, as do our VDU screens, software and printers that we use. The colour swatches you see on screen and on a printed colour chart are designed as a guide.

The exact and final colour you paint up at home will look slightly different depending on the material you paint it onto and the lighting. For example a colour painted onto new softwood will look slightly different if painted on old hardwood. If you paint up a wooden planter the colour will look different depending on the lighting and where you put it in the garden.

We always recommend trying a small tin at home, where it’s going to end up. Our colours are made precisely using a technically engineered colour system ensuring continuity of colour throughout batches.


Thorndown™ Paint delivery generally takes 1-3 working days. Postcode areas shown below fall outside the standard UK mainland delivery for our couriers, which will incur additional delivery charges, and will probably take a day or two longer to reach you:

Scottish Highlands (+£9.99)

  • All AB Postcodes, FK19 – 21, IV1 – 20,IV63, IV21 – 24, IV25, IV26 – 28, IV30 – 37, IV40, IV52 – 54, KW1 – 14, PA21 – 35, PA37 – 39, PA36, PA40, PH15 – 26, PH30, PH31,  PH32, PH33 – 41, PH49, PH50

Scottish Offshore (+£14.99)

  • HS1 – 9, IV41 – 51, IV55 – 56, KA27 – 28, KW15 – 17, PA20, PA41 – 49, PA60 – 78, PH42 – 44, ZE1 – 3

Isle of Wight (+£14.99)

  • PO30 – 41

Northern Ireland (+£19.99)

  • All BT Postcodes

Isle of Man (+£29.99)

  • All IM Postcodes

Please Note: There is no delivery service to the Channel Islands or Ireland.

38 reviews for Thorndown Glass Paint – Peelable Greenhouse Shading

  1. Ian Skinner

    We ordered this paint after searching for some genuine Antracite Grey colour with RAL 7016 number. We wanted something to exactly match our recently install roller shutter garage door The reason for choosing Thorndowns was the exact colour match and their green ethos in their manufacturing process. The paint arrived the day after ordering which was excellent service The paint itself was a smooth consistency and had very little smell which we expected from its low VOC rating. It brushed on very easily with a nice finish. Touch dry within an hour and 2 coats have given a perfect finish Very pleased. Would consider other products from this company. Ian

  2. Claire Coe

    We would highly recommend Thorndown Wood Paints. The colour is great, it was so easy to apply and dried with a lovely dense coverage.

  3. Mrs. Calcutt

    Love the paint , just glides on and covers really well. Love the colour as well.

  4. Elizabeth Morris

    Hi I ordered the grey paint it was delivered this morning, really impressed with your prompt service

  5. Ian Skinner

    Super service Ordered yesterday arrived today Can’t get better than that Thank you

  6. Linda Duff

    I am so glad I found your product. Initially, I thought it sounded expensive at £15 for a smallish can. Money well spent! It did two coats on my shed and bench. Looks great! I then ordered a sample size for my newish front door which had been damaged by my twin grandchildrens double buggy. I just finished two coats today from a £5 sample pot. No sign of scratches whatsoever. I am ddelighted! Thank you so much.!

  7. Phill

    Excellent service – by yourselves and APC –  as paint arrived at lunchtime today 

  8. Phill

      Thank you for substituting, as requested.  Just need some Sun now – which is in very short supply here this past few weeks 

  9. Mrs. Diane Melody

    I have ordered three different colours from your charts in the last two weeks, and all I can say is that I’m so  pleased with the colours, they are true to the colour charts you sent me. Thank you very much. Keep up the work. Mrs Hills. ps. from ordering to the delivery was fantastic in less than 48 hrs. Just to let you know paint arrived this morning.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful service.  Its a fabulous paint. 

  10. Nicky Hart

    Thank you for the speedy paint delivery My old garage door now matches my new windows perfectly Thank you for a great service x 

  11. Mike Hutchinson

    Super quick delivery and lovely paint to work with. Easy on, good coverage and low smells. At first i thought it definitely looked lighter than the colour on the colour chart card i had, closer to the cathedral green, but i see that in different light that it is indeed closer to sedge as ordered. In any case its a cheery green that goes particularly well with my newly resanded and oiled reddish brown doorstep. Thanks for the quick service 

  12. Shawn Taylor

    We are so pleased with the paint, it covers amazingly well and the colour is fantastic.

  13. Carl Mills

    I just wanted to say that I have just used the paint you sent and found it to be great to use, and has dried quickly with a great look and finish.

  14. Lynsey Gilmour

    We used your paint for the cladding on the dormer on our house earlier this year, and we were so happy with it we’ve ordered it again to repaint all our fences, sheds and the chicken shed to match! It’s wonderful stuff! Thank you! 

  15. Vijay D

    I’ve purchased some of your paint recently and I have to say, it’s incredibly good! Many thanks

  16. Mr. Tom Cleugh

    I have just finished a project of front gates and fencing using your RAL1760 paint and I’m delighted with both the quality of the paint and subsequent end result. Kind Regards

  17. Adrian Hornell

    I’m delighted to tell you that the order I placed 23 hours ago has just arrived (in perfect condition as always)! Regards

  18. Jennifer Owen

    Thank you so much. This is the first time we have used Thorndown paint and it certainly won’t be the last. The colours are great and the coverage is good. There’s no dreadful paint smell, they dry quickly and the brushes are easy to clean. What’s not to like. Packing and delivery were very efficient too.

  19. Alison Wallace

    We loved the paint. Fantastic. We’ve been recommending this to everyone who’s commented.

  20. Andrea Jackman

    I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for helping me to achieve the right colour for the interior of my greenhouse. The hazel colour of the table in the photo on your website was achieved by mixing it with the Orange you sent and am very pleased with the results now. The jet black on the outside is perfect with the rich colour on the inside. Kind regards

  21. Aniece Khamon

    Wow Caroline, I got an email from APC yesterday and then the paint has been delivered this afternoon. I cant tell you how much I appreciate it. Very impressed and feel very special, thank you so much Very Best wishes

  22. Sarah Sparks

    We’ve just painted the summer house – greymond satin. We are really pleased with the quality of your paint and the colour is lovely. Thank you also for the speedy delivery! Especially during these difficult times. Kind regards

  23. Lee Johnson

    My partner and I absolutely love your paint, the colour is amazing and the coverage, finish and quality is the best we’ve ever used, seriously. We have tried every paint under the sun, but will only be using your brand for everything moving forward. Warm regards,

  24. Pete McClellan

    I got my Anthracite Grey paint yesterday and have been really impressed with it. Cracking stuff; many thanks. Best regards,

  25. Melanie Pursglove

    Thanks for the efficient delivery of the paint. I have used it this weekend on my allotment shed – was concerned in that it has previously been oiled but the product was a dream. Very impressed – performed well off the brush and the colour was exactly what I wanted – coverage and opacity is amazing – a joy to use! The hands on experience has given me great enthusiasm for the product

  26. Rod Whiting

    Have just received from you a 2.5litre can of the above, to paint my Anthracite Composite door surround/Inset between my Kitchen/Garage which was 12mm Hardwood Ply in Beech before your super Paint was applied. I am so pleased with the result; perfect match and finish. Paint Quality was superb and it applies so easily with no brush marks and dries very quickly. I would definitely recommend your company to all my friends etc. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks

  27. Naomi Slade

    I found it really nice to use – it goes on well and spreads evenly, giving good coverage which is not being too thin or thick. And it was also really forgiving when working on wood that is rough or thirsty like parts of my fence. It dries fast which is great when working outside, but not so fast that you have to dilute the bottom of the tin (!). So all in all I got the impression of a quality product, and I approve of the sustainable ethos, too.

  28. Tony Johns

    We used Thorndown paints which were so easy to apply, excellent quality and superb customer service. Given we only live down the road, they even delivered them on their way home. I thoroughly recommend them.

  29. Leigh

    It’s been really fun selecting colours from the Thorndown wood paint range for our nursery development projects. As an eco-conscious business, it’s great to be able to use a range of paints that not only offer high-performance, but they’re also friendly on the environment and an absolute pleasure to use, as well as offering a beautiful variety of colours.

  30. Kim von Coels

    I love your paint! Great coverage. Great colour. Great finish.

  31. Alec

    APC couriers have just delivered the paint before I left for work. First class service, thank you!

  32. Ben Chandler

    One coat was perfect, and great colours

  33. Stuart

    Thorndown Paints are now our preferred Paint Suppliers…. we as a company offer our customers a unique ‘in-house’ painting service for garden sheds and summerhouses. To achieve the quality of finish that is acceptable we now use and recommend Thorndown Paints. The range of colours is extensive from subtle pastel shades to bright vibrant colours. Coverage is superb and the finish on planed timber is second to none, the finished surfaces have a very pleasing semi-gloss texture which gives a highly professional finish on the products painted (Spray or Brush application). We have no hesitation in recommending Thorndown Paint Products.

  34. Annie Legge

    Wow your paint is stunning! I’m not the best at painting and I get bored but I so loved using your paint, it’s really really lovely.

  35. Patrick Finnmore

    Here are a couple of pictures of the window. It’s looking just as good as when it was painted a year ago. If anything I think it’s retained it’s colour/finish a bit better than the Superdeck.

  36. ArtDesignSign

    Gave the workshop a little Christmas cheer with my new Peelable Glass Paint from @thorndownpaints. Absolutely amazing stuff, goes on like a dream and covers really well even with just one coat, will definitely be investing in some more colours for future projects

  37. Janet Carman

    Hi, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the extremely efficient service you provided. My order which you didn’t receive until yesterday afternoon, arrived at 9am this morning.

  38. Terry Strong

    Two coats have really helped reduce the heat and sun glare. Well pleased with the result

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