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POWER® PENT Shed 10×6 is a strong t+g modular shed with FREE DELIVERY. It comes with a choice of doors, and windows in any layout, and a professional assembly option. Power Sheds® come with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY and NO-QUIBBLE FREE RETURNS.


The Power® Sheds & Summerhouse delivery lead time is currently *3-5 working days for most parts of Britain, however some remote areas may take a bit longer. We guarantee to get your building to you as soon as possible, and we’ll give you plenty notice so you can plan ahead! Please see more delivery information here.


POWER® Pent 10×6 Shed

Power® Pent Shed 10×6 is a great quality, highly adaptable, modular garden shed. This UK manufactured shed is made using high grade Scandinavian timber, featuring tongue and groove walls, floor and roof!

The Power® Pent Shed comes with heavy duty framing, non-tear roofing felt, extra high wall height, and a 10-year guarantee as standard, however the most appealing feature of this shed is the vast range of door and window layouts available… allowing you to create your perfect shed. This fantastic shed is also available in 18 popular sizes: from 4×4 up to 20×6, all with a choice of single or double door, and can be supplied with or without windowsYOU HAVE THE POWER!



  • Highly adaptable modular configuration
  • Plenty room inside with high eaves
  • Easy to assemble c/w fastenings & simple instructions
  • Pre-fitted toughened safety glass windows
  • Windowless option available at no additional charge
  • High quality, extra strong, Scandinavian Pine
  • Double size heavy duty framing on walls and at corners
  • Diagonal framing on walls and door for extra strength and longevity
  • 16mm nominal (12mm finish) tongue & groove roof, walls & floor
  • Long-lasting Golden Oak preservative treatment (inside & out)
  • 3x zinc galvanized T-hinges on each door
  • Pre-fitted internal lock with key (no padlock required)



Quality Construction

All sheds are constructed using high quality, slow growing Scandinavian Pine with 16mm nominal (12mm finished) tongue and groove timber, on the roof, walls AND floor. Please note that NO chipboard, OSB or low-grade timber is used in the construction of this building. Power® Sheds supplied pre-treated with an Eco-friendly Golden Oak preservative basecoat (inside & outside) at no extra charge. Heavy, smoothed, rounded and planed framing (44x28mm) has been used internally, and is doubled throughout the shed and at the corners for extra strength. For security, a rim-lock c/w mortice key is fitted internally. Non-tear polyester roofing felt is supplied to keep the roof watertight.

Strong WallsStrong CornersNo-Tear Polyester Roofing Felt


Modular Flexibility

This design is known as a modular garden shed. Panels can be positioned anywhere you like, enabling you to design the perfect door/wall/window setup for you. Just choose whether you want to have it with windows or windowless, and with a single or double door, then you can interchange all panels. Some examples are shown below.  All sheds are constructed using 16mm nominal (12mm finished) tongue and groove timber, on the roof, walls AND floor. Please note that NO chipboard, OSB or low-grade timber is used in the construction of this building.

Power® Sheds are supplied pre-treated with an Eco-friendly Golden Oak preservative basecoat (inside & outside) at no extra charge. Heavy duty, smoothed and rounded framing (44x28mm) has been used internally, and is doubled throughout the shed and at the corners for extra strength. For security, a rim-lock c/w mortice key is fitted internally. Non-tear polyester roofing felt is supplied to keep the roof watertight.

Modular Shed Animation



This shed is supplied pre-treated with a quality, brown (golden oak), non-toxic preservative base coat. Each panel is treated inside and out (including end grain, tongues, grooves and cut-outs. This is a long-lasting preservative, allowing you to use the shed straight away. There is no need to paint for the first year, but you can change the colour or over-paint at any time if you prefer.



Doors, Locking System & Windows

The doors on this shed are great… they are fitted with heavy framing complete with diagonal bracing stop sagging, they can be hinged on the left or right side, they are fitted internally with a rim-lock c/w mortice key for convenience, and have an easy grab handle. Non-rusting, zinc galvanised t-hinges, and two turn-buttons are supplied as standard on either a 750mm (30″) wide single door, or a 1034mm (40″) wide double door. Windows are made from strong, secure toughened safety glass, and they are pre-fitted onto a non-rot window sill. Alternatively, this shed can be supplied ‘windowless’.

Non-Rust Pull HandleInternal Lock with KeyToughened Glass Windows with Heavy FramingToughened Glass Windows with Drip Seals



This shed is supplied ready to go onto an existing solid base made from concrete, slabs, or decking, however if you don’t have anything in place, you can purchase a Power® Base. It is pressure-treated, and is fitted below the shed to create a solid base for your shed to sit on, whilst allowing ventilation below your building.

Power Base FramePower Base on SoilPower Base with Floor

We can also supply shelving if required.



Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions, or if you require exact sizes. Roof overhangs will extend beyond the Body Size shown below. Dimensions listed below are finished sizes… nominal sizes are quoted above.

Power® Shed Framing  Walls Roof Floor External Size (excluding overhangs) (mm) Door Size (mm) Windows
PENT (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) Length Width Eaves Ridge Height Width Qty
10×6 106PP 44×28 12 12 12 3092 1814 1913 1974 1628 750 4
10×6 106PPW 44×28 12 12 12 3092 1814 1913 1974 1628 750 0
10×6 106PPDD 44×28 12 12 12 3092 1814 1913 1974 1628 1034 4
10×6 106PPWDD 44×28 12 12 12 3092 1814 1913 1974 1628 1034 0


This high quality shed has a long lifespan, and it comes with a manufacturers 10-Year Warranty. We recommend that you assemble the building on a solid, free-draining base, with at least 60cm free space all around for maintenance and to avoid splash back. You should treat all exposed sections with a high quality preservative every year in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Please ensure that regular general maintenance is carried out on all moving parts. Roofing felt should be regularly inspected (especially before and after storms), and replaced as and when required.

All products are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Information shown above has been supplied by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide. *The free delivery service covers mainland Scotland, England & Wales, however delivery to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, offshore islands, and remote rural areas will be subject to an additional charge.


Power® Sheds and Summerhouses are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Delivery information shown here has been provided by the manufacturer, and is as accurate as possible (errors and omissions excepted), however they are intended only as a guide.

Power Delivery Map

*The free delivery service covers mainland Scotland, England, and Wales. Delivery to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, offshore islands (and possibly some extremely remote rural areas) may be available, however will be subject to an additional charge… please give us call for a quote.

Assembly Videos

You will receive written instructions with your Power building. However, please also take a look at our installation videos to see how you can install a Power Shed.

Power Sheds Base Kit Video

Power Pent Garden Shed Assembly Video

Power Apex Garden Shed Assembly Video

Power Pent Bike Shed Assembly Video

So, your new Power Shed has arrived, and the chances are you’re probably excited to get it constructed and taking pride of place in your garden as soon as possible. All of our garden sheds come with detailed instructions to help you build your shed and ensure it’s a safe and solid structure. However, we’ve put together a few tips and some advice to help you along the way.

How to Install a Power Garden Shed

Installing your Power Shed should be an easy process – that’s what makes our sheds so special. Following the steps below will help you ensure your shed is put up safely and securely, leaving you to enjoy your new garden building to its full potential.

Preparing to Build a Shed from Power Sheds

Unpacking your garden shed safely is important. Once your pallet arrives, you might be keen to get stuck in as quickly as possible but taking care and using the following steps will help you avoid damage to your shed and, more importantly, injury to yourself or those working with you.

  • A minimum of two people should unpack your shed
  • Ensure that you place the pallet on firm level ground
  • Cut the plastic banding
  • Remove each panel by removing screws one column at a time as indicated in the instructions
  • Check all the components against the instructions/check list

A Power Shed instruction booklet

How to Make a Shed Base

All of our garden sheds require a firm and level base. When thinking about where the garden building and base is going to be constructed you should:

  • Ensure that there will be access to all sides for maintenance work and annual treatment.
  • Remember not to place the base too close to any walls or fences, as there may be a slight overhang on the roof of the garden building which may come into contact with the wall or fence.
  • Ensure the base is level and is built on firm ground, to prevent distortion. Refer to for base dimensions.
  • Consider when placing the base next to trees or large bushes as this could cause problems from overhanging branches, especially if these are likely to grow and come into contact with the building in the future and could cause the felt to rip.

We do offer a Power Sheds Base kit as an optional extra.

The base is slightly smaller than the external measurement of the building, i.e. the cladding should overhang the base, creating a run for water. It is recommended that the floor is at least 25mm above the surrounding ground level to avoid flooding.

If you have not chosen to purchase our Power Base then other suitable bases would include a concrete base (75mm of concrete on top of 75mm of hardcore) or a paving slab base (slabs laid on top of 50mm of sharp sand).

Preparing the Shed for Assembly

Within the delivery of your new shed you’ll find a fixing pack; this contains the screws and nails that are required for the actual construction of the shed. Your fixing pack will include:

  • 25mm screws (silver)
  • 35mm screws
  • 50mm screws
  • 70mm screws
  • Clout nails (for the felt)
  • 40mm galvanised nails

Before beginning assembly, remove any transport blocks from the bottom of the blank and window panels. These are there to offer further protection to the bottom board of the panel.

Pre-drilling is also important at this stage. In the instructions we’ll talk about screwing panels together. We recommend this is done with a drill. Here, we suggest that you pre-drill the timber with a 3mm drill bit before inserting the screws. This will minimise the chance the timber will split.

Removing the transport blocks from a Power Shed

Shed Floor Assembly

Lay down your floor panel(s) onto your firm and level base into the desired position of your shed. Be sure to consider any overhangs on the shed when deciding the correct position.

Join the floor panels together using the 50mm screws provided, using around three screws per join. At this stage you can also screw the two ‘heavy-duty bearers’ which are two pieces of framing joined together, to each gable end (the end where the triangular ‘gable tops’ will go later’). Join the bearers by screwing through the floor joists first so the screw goes as far into the bearer as possible.

Attaching the heavy duty bearers to a new shed

Assembling Your Shed Door: How to Make a Shed Door

Your shed will either come with a single door or a double door depending on what you selected when ordering. Double doors are already hung on the door panel. However, for a single door you will need to hang the door.

For a single door you can choose which way round to hang it – left hand or right hand. (note – if you choose a left hand hinged door then the lock has to be unscrewed and positioned the correct way round as it will be upside down)

For a single door, lay the door panel on the floor (you can lie it on the shed floor if you wish). Line up the door onto the framing so that it is square. The door should be positioned closer to the side where the hinges go. Make sure the lock is on the inside of the shed when the door is closed. Secure the hinges in place using the 25mm screws provided.

Choose two places on the door to secure your two turn buttons – one towards the top, one towards the bottom. For double doors a turn button will already be secured. Be careful not to screw this too tightly or it will not turn.


Shed Wall Panel Assembly

Please ensure you have removed the transport blocks before progressing any further.

Your shed will come with a number of wall sections. The quantity of these will be dependant on which type and size you ordered – there could be 4ft Blank Panels, 2ft Blank Panels, 4ft Window Panels (unless you have selected the windowless version), and a door panel (which could be a single door or double door). Please see the components table in your instructions to confirm which panels you should have for your Power shed.

Lay out the wall panels in the configuration you want for your garden building. The blank panels, door panel and window panels can go in any position.

Start with the 4ft panel that will be part of your gable end – position this on top of one of the heavy-duty bearers which you attached in the previous section. Ensure the side of the panel is flush with the side of the floor.

Power Sheds Wall Panels

Place another wall panel again secure using the 50mm screws provided. Important! – When securing panels together ensure they line up at the top (so the building is square) and that only the ends of the cladding are shown, which will later be covered with corner strips. This is only in the corner where the side meets the gable. You can choose the position of the doors and windows as you build the shed.

Positioning the door of a new garden shed

Continue doing this to place all remaining wall panels in position.

When you have secured all the wall panels you then need to secure these to the floor using 70mm screws provided. Screw into the floor with 2x screws for every wall panel (internally) ensuring the screws are driven through the framing at the bottom of the side/gable walls, through the floorboards and into the floor joists. Ensure all panels line up at the top.

Lining up the wall panels of a new she

Assembling an Apex Shed Roof

If you have ordered an apex shed, follow these steps to get the roof installed.

Gable Tops

Line up the gable tops with the panels at the gable ends (the ends where you attached the ‘heavy-duty bearers’).

Adding the gable tops to a new shed

Secure them to the wall panels with 50mm screws from the inside, screwing upwards through the framing.


The trusses should be attached to the side wall panels with 40mm galvanised nails. The trusses will line up with the joins in the side wall panels. Ensure the end of the truss goes to the outer edge of the framing on the side walls and not the cladding (so the roof will sit right). Nail down through the truss and into the top of the side walls. Please note: You will not receive a truss for a 4×4, 4×6 or 4×8 shed.

Apex roof panels

Depending on the size of the building you have ordered, your roof panels will be 600mm, 1190mm or 1302mm long (note – the roof panels are not handed, it does not matter which way round they go, and the tongue and groove do not need to interlock).

For 8ft wide sheds you may get other roof sizes with specific instructions for an 8ft wide roof. Therefore, these roof instructions will not apply to 8ft wide sheds.

In general, the 1302mm roof panels will go at each end of the roof with the other roof panels central. This will ensure the joins in the roof panels line up with the joins in the wall and the roof trusses and the slightly longer 1302mm roof panels will mean there is an overhang at each end (except on the 4×4 and 4×6 Power Apex where there is no roof overhang). The only time the roof panels won’t line up with the truss and join inside walls is if you have positioned a 2ft side wall panel at one end – in this occurrence, the truss will line up with the join in the side walls panels but the join in the roof panels will be slightly offset to the truss.

There are batons to help join the roof panels together. Start by joining the batons to the roof panels with 50mm screws as per the diagram below, and then place the roof panels in position (the roof panels are universal so can go on either side).

Start at one end placing a roof panel at each side and screw the roof panels together (internally) using 70mm screws.

You can then work down the roof adding and joining roof panels to the baton on the adjoining roof panels with 50mm screws and joining the roof panels to each other with 70mm screws until all the roof panels are on. There should be 6x screws joining the roof panels together every 4ft.

Ensure the roof panel overhang at each end of the shed is even – there should be an approx. 56mm overhang at each end. (note – there will be no roof overhang at the gable end on the 4×4 or 4×6 Power Apex). Then, screw the roof panels to the side wall panels with 50mm screws (ensuring you screw down into every upright piece of framing on the side walls) and screw the roof panels into the gables at each end with 35mm screws (4x screws for each gable)

The roof now needs attaching to the trusses (if there are trusses). To do this, screw down through the roof panels and into the truss from the outside with 35mm screws ensuring there are 8 screws per truss (4x on each side).

Installing the apex roof shed felt

Roll out the mineral roofing felt along the lower part of one side of the roof. Allow for sufficient overhang to fold down onto the roof framing (but not the underside of the roof).

Use clout nails to tack along the top edge of the felt and into the roof boards. Repeat this process on the other side of the roof.

If you have ordered a Power Shed which is 6ft wide (4×6, 6×6, 8×6, 10×6, 12×6, 14×6, 16×6, 18×6, 20×6) then you will receive an additional piece of felt to then go on the ridge of the roof. This can be secured to the roof using clout nails. If you have an 8ft wide shed, you will receive another length of felt as well.

Fold the overhanging felt at the gable ends under the roof boards and tack into place. Note – The 4×4, 4×6 and 4×8 Power Apex roof panels will finish flush with the gables and so the felt will not tuck under.

Assembling a Pent Shed Roof

If you have ordered a pent shed, follow these steps to complete the construction of your shed roof.

Front pent top and gables

Add the pent front top to the side you want to be higher and screw to the panels below with 50mm screws.

Adding the pent front top to a new shed

Line up the gable tops with the panels at the gable ends (the ends where you attached the ‘heavy-duty bearers’) and secure them to the wall panels with 50mm screws from the inside, screwing upwards through the framing.

Line up the gable tops and gable ends of a new shed

Pent roof panels

Depending on the size building you have ordered, your roof panels will be 2ft, 3ft, or 4ft wide. Place the roof panels in place so that the framing on the roof panel runs parallel with the gables i.e. from the front high side to the back low side.

Make sure the framing on the roof is in line with the framing on the gable top so that the overhang on the front and back is correct.

Join the roof panels to each other and to the gables using 50mm screws, going through the framing from the inside of the building.

Then, screw the roof panels to the side wall panels with 50mm screws (ensuring you screw up through the framing from the inside of the building into the framing on the roof panels).

Installing the pent roof shed felt

Before laying the felt, you will need to attach the back bargeboards with the 40mm galvanised nails. As you can see there are two for the back – one at the edge of the roof and one on the underside. These soffits may come in more than one section and may need cutting down to size with a saw depending on which size shed you have chosen. Be sure not to mix these up with the corner strips and cover lats which are to go vertically around the shed in corners and covering joins (explained later).

Roll out the mineral roofing felt along the lower part of one side of the roof. Allow for sufficient overhang to fold down onto the roof bargeboard (but not the underside roof bargeboard).

Installing a felt roof onto a pent shed

Use clout nails to tack along the top edge of the felt and into the roof board and the bottom edge of the felt into the back bargeboard.

Repeat this process along the higher part of the roof.

Fold down the overhanging felt on the gable ends and tack this into place. Front and side bargeboards will cover any untidy edges.


Applying the Finishing Touches

Using the 40mm galvanised nails, fit the bargeboards to the foot and sides of the roof. Again, these may need cutting down with a saw depending on what size building you have.

Secure corner strips at each corner of your Power Shed with 40mm nails (at least four per strip). Extra strips are provided to cover any joins between side wall panels.

Completing the construction of a new pent shed

Secure the door pull to the door with 25mm screws.

Peel the protective blue sticker off the Power branding plate above the door.

12 reviews for Power® | PENT Shed 10×6

  1. Robin Marshall-Ball

    10 x 6 pent Powershed
    I’m not usually prone to using superlatives… but in your case I must!
    Of all the sheds we have built in the past few years (in my previous house) your shed is by a quantum leap the best we’ve seen.
    The thought that has gone into the design, the quality of the materials, the finishing of each panel, and the excellent packaging for transit has left me very impressed indeed.
    In addition, your excellent and prompt communication, and your detailed assembly instructions (including a free drill bit!!) has set a standard by which my previous shed suppliers should be judged, and they have failed conspicuously!
    Thank you for your rapid service and most excellent product.
    You have a very happy customer who will sing your praises to anyone showing the merest interest in purchasing a shed!

  2. Ant Waterton

    Very impressed, quailty is excellent compared to the shoddy shed we had delivered from gardenbuildingsdirect. We ended up sending our first shed from gardenbuildings direct back after parts were missing and damaged. Then we came accross power sheds, with all their 5 star reviews we were a little concerned they were to good to be true but they tottally delivered. The quality is fantastic, with lots of bracing and sturdy thick sections. We also ended up spending over 150£ less on a 10 x 6ft shed then what we had jsut returned. Honestly, you are not sure they will give you quality at an excellent price then id recommend first calling somewhere like gardenbuildings direct and asking them a basic question like how thick is the ‘easybase’, have them struggle to answer, then call up Powersheds and speak to someone who actually knows something. The crazy thing is Power shed are actually cheaper too. Furthermore the delivery of Power shed was on the agreed date and came all nice and tidy on a pallet. SO SIMPLE and tidy. Then by comparison garden buildings direct gives you it in individual sections with lots of individual pieces in bags. there must have been hundreds of parts for GBD shed compare to Power shed which was about 30 pieves in total. Putting up is straight forward and quick. My only critisism of my power shed (and now im being really harsh) is that one of my the windows had come a little loose as a result of a piece of the window frame bit being a bit tired. In comparison to GBD atleast the windows cames installed (GBD actually forgot to send us our windows, let alone delivering them installed). Power shed are really very good, dont waste your time risking poor quality!!!!!! sorry for the big long boring review but i have so much good to say (so much more to say than what i have) about this company compared to my other shed buying eperience.

  3. Mark Martin

    Beautiful shed! Spent ages researching sheds before I finally handed over my cash. Glad I picked the 10×6 power pent. Everything came on one pallet with each panel screwed to a brace so you can remove one at a time and move them at your leisure. Instructions were a bit vague, but would hope you’d know what you are doing anyway before attempting to put a shed together! Tongue and groove walls, ceiling and floor, toughened glass, proper door lock, heavy duty felt, all fixings and door furniture. Ticked all the boxes! Overall, great shed, looks like it’ll be in my garden for years, plus it looks awesome!

  4. Graham

    Great quality product and excellent after sales support. I would definitely buy this shed again.
    I bought the base and a 10×6 Penta shed. The base is substantial and provides great support when placing the shed on uneven grass surface. It is heavy and definitely needs at least two people to move it into place. I build it on an even garage floor and then moved it into position. The wooden pegs do a great job of getting in level on the uneven grass surface. But it does mean the shed stands rock solid on the base.
    We used three people to build the shed. It goes up quickly and everything fits together really well.

  5. Tim

    Arrived when expected, assembled with ease by myself(10×6 pent), good quality shed should hopefully last years. Highly recommend

  6. Malc from Fife (store manager)

    POWER® PENT 10×6 Shed. Great Shed. Ordered online, email to confirm order, emailed back a short time after saying it could be up to 3 or 4 weeks delivery due to high volume of orders (this was not a problem for me) a bit later on another email says we can delivery with two weeks brilliant, this is a top quality shed with pretty straight forward instruction and very nicely priced as well. Will recommend A1sheds to family and friends if they are looking for a good top quality shed at great price.

  7. Keith Bowman

    Superb Shed and Service
    Have just received a 10×6 timber pent shed and can say it was fantastic quality and went together perfectly. A couple of edging timbers had split and replacements were sent immediately- great customer service and response times were superb.

  8. Charlie

    Replacement Shed
    After 25 years we needed a new shed and ordered our replacement PowerShed from A1 sheds Tranent as we bought a summer house and hut from them previously they were our first choice for repeat business.
    The service was amazing, lots of product knowledge and advise was much appreciated.

  9. Dan

    Recently purchased a 10 x 6 pent shed with interior shelf. Very impressed with the service and contact from start to finish. Bought and timescale and date agreed for delivery. 2 days prior to delivery email confirming dispatch to palletline. Day of delivery a 2 hour time frame given and adhered to. Delivery very straightforward onto driveway on pallet. Instructions also on how to remove from pallet very helpful. Carried parts through to garden which took approx 20 minutes.
    Myself and my daughter then proceeded to erect the shed. All in all it took about 3 hours to put everything together. Was debating about leaving felt till following day but decided to put it on. Again took about 35/40 minutes. Glad I did as it chucked it down shortly after.
    Finally got out the next day to finish the last bits and pieces i.e. the bargeboards and bits of wood for over the joins.
    Definitely very pleased with everything so far. Just need to paint and ill be a very happy bunny.
    I had planned to use a local company but they quoted more for the same shed and wouldn’t be able to deliver for between 18 and 22 weeks. Didnt fancy building it in Autumn. At least I can hopefully paint the shed without the worry of paint running from a deluge.

  10. Steve

    Excellent shed
    I’ve never needed to put a shed together before so did lots of research and decided to go with Power because the sheds looked to be very high quality. My 10ft by 6ft pent shed arrived on time last week and was a joy to put together – I barely looked at the instructions but just followed the video and it went like clockwork. I am delighted with the result – a top quality, spacious shed with an excellent lock, good quality windows and excellent finishing. You may be able to get much cheaper sheds than these, but it’s worth paying the extra for the sheer quality and ease of construction.

  11. John Stapleton

    Pent 10 x 6.
    Well the shed has been up 3 months now,
    Am i happy with the product,,,very.
    I did pass some comments back re instructions. One being drill a pilot hole for Every screw fixing.
    I did have problems with delivery, However the customer service was superb to the point of the Guvnor calling over the weekend. (He still owes me a pint)
    Customer service very knowledgeable. Thanks.
    Yes i would recommend 100%.
    John…in sunny Plymouth…

  12. Susan

    Delighted with new shed
    We have now finished erecting our new 6 x10 shed and we are delighted with the result. We used a power base which provides a good stable platform. The shed was straightforward to assemble following the instructions provided. Overall a good quality shed at a very good price. Customer service was excellent as was the delivery.

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